Al Qaeda on march across the globe

Posted by on May 02, 2013 at 8:32 am

Two years ago today, SEAL Team Six sent Osama bin Laden on his way to Davy Jones’ Locker — but his Islamist terror machine is anything but sinking to the depths. It remains a vicious, global threat.

Since Osama’s demise, the terror group’s strength has ebbed in some areas, but flowed strongly in others.

Indeed, one current estimate concludes that al Qaeda affiliates and associates (i.e., groups, cells or operatives) are active in more than 30 countries (of some 190) on four continents.

Including our continent. While we don’t yet know the whole story behind the Boston bombing, just last week in Chicago the feds arraigned an American teen, who wanted to join an al Qaeda-linked group in Syria. Oh, and the Canadians busted up a plot to bomb a Toronto-New York train, supported by al Qaeda operatives in Iran.

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