After Failed War on Salt, Soft Drinks and Guns, Bloomberg Sets His Sights on … Styrofoam

Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 at 2:24 pm

Guess he’s aiming for a soft target this time. Apparently he doesn’t realize most New Yorkers don’t drink out of crystal champagne glasses.

A proposal to eliminate plastic foam takeout containers in New York City was met with criticism Wednesday by restaurateurs who said a ban on the ubiquitous containers would drive up costs and potentially put them out of business.

But hey, what do these puny proles know? It’s for the children, you big dummies.

Around 40 opponents bearing signs reading “Put a lid on it NYC” rallied on the steps of City Hall before a City Council meeting in which the ban on polystyrene foam containers was introduced.

Polystyrene foam is a staple for street vendors, delis and restaurants that sell food to go because it’s lightweight and heat-retaining. But once it’s thrown in the trash it can take years to break down in landfill sites.

Currently 23,000 tons of foam per year is thrown out in the city. Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants New York to join West Coast cities like San Francisco and Seattle as plastic foam-free.

But not all New Yorkers are as keen on the idea. Attendees of the City Hall rally said alternative materials such as aluminum are much more expensive.

“This will obligate us to raise prices,” said Jonny Falcones, the owner of La Nueva Estrella el Castillo in Brooklyn. “We will most likely lose customers and go out of business.”

Guess that’s the price of doing business in a totalitarian regime.

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