Above the Law: Media Matters Thug David Brock Protected With Illegal Weapons

Posted by on Jan 28, 2013 at 7:47 am

These folks basically are members of the White House PR office, so why do they get to flout the laws the rest of us are expected to follow? Well, laws don’t apply to NBC’s David Gregory, so why would they apply to Obama’s propagandists at Media Matters?

A staffer at left-wing Media Matters for America committed numerous felonies in the District of Columbia and around the country by carrying a firearm to defend the organization’s founder, David Brock, The Daily Caller has learned.

According to a knowledgeable source, multiple firearms used to protect the Media Matters founder were purchased with Brock’s blessing — and apparently with the group’s money.

TheDC has previously reported that Brock’s one-time aide, Haydn Price-Morris, carried a concealed Glock handgun as he traveled with the liberal leader to public events in Washington, D.C.

But the extent of Brock’s armed activities have been largely unknown until now, even among those closest to him. An array of current and former Media Matters sources, all with intimate knowledge about the inner workings of the organization, granted extensive interviews to TheDC.

Brock, whose struggles with mental health have seen him hospitalized in the past, became increasingly concerned by late 2010 that he was being targeted by right-wing assassins.

TheDC has learned that by that time, Brock had armed his assistant — who had no permit to carry a concealed firearm — with a Glock handgun.

According to an internal email exchange obtained by TheDC, the gun was purchased with cash in Maryland, likely to diminish the chances such a purchase would appear on the tax-exempt group’s books.

Between Price-Morris’ early 2009 arrival and late 2010 departure from Media Matters, he also acquired a shotgun for Brock’s protection.

Must be all the drug abuse that has made Brock so paranoid? Besides, who would waste perfectly good ammunition on him? Meanwhile, NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says illegal handguns are the big problems. So let’s set an example by arresting Brock’s bodyguard.

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