Abortion and Dr. Gosnell’s Little Shop Of Horrors

Posted by on Apr 10, 2013 at 8:19 am

An 18-page chapter in the Grand Jury report is entitled “The Intentional Killing of Viable Babies.” Gosnell was supposed to perform abortions, but because he often performed abortions on women who were well past the legal limit of 24 weeks, many of the fetuses were fully-formed and could survive if delivered. The practice of inducing labor, actually meant that many of the women gave birth. Sometimes they were told to sit on a toilet and expunge the baby, because Gosnell was not there to oversee the procedure. Other times, a baby would come out of the womb and Gosnell would take a live, screaming, kicking baby and sever its spinal cord with a snip of the scissors. It was a practice, the Grand Jury report alleges, that happened hundreds of times over the years, but because much of the paperwork and evidence was destroyed, there were only seven provable incidents.

His young victims included Baby Boy A, nearly 7 and a half months, killed and discarded in a plastic shoe box. Baby Boy B, 28 weeks, was frozen forever in a gallon water bottle. Baby C was living in the world for 20 minutes before Williams, according to testimony by Cross, came in and extinguished the new life with a slice to the neck, as she’d seen Gosnell do.

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  1. MT Geoff on 10/10/13 at 12:34 pm

    One of very few legitimate bases for recognizing abortion choice is that a woman owns her own body. I am disturbed that any woman would choose abortion but I’ve heard a lot of stories about why women do choose and I understand some of the reasons. In any case, if a woman chooses to have a medical procedure, I’m going to stay out of that decision.
    But if the result is a viable infant, the entire complexion changes. Deliberately killing the fetus before delivery is way beyond delivering a fetus that isn’t viable to begin with, as Roe v Wade recognized. Killing a fetus after delivery is simply murder, regardless of the length of pregnancy.
    There are ethical dilemmas not related to abortion. We might consider a woman badly injured during her 29th week. Doctors may believe it necessary to deliver the infant well ahead of term for the mother’s sake and perhaps the baby’s as well. The result may be a child that will live only briefly and only in agony — the parents might well decide not to use heroic measures but to let nature take her course. Or they may choose to try everything to save their child. Either choice is potentially terrible but a choice must be made. I really, really don’t want anyone else horning in on that tragedy.