100,000 People Allegedly Signed Up for ObamaCare in November

Posted by on Dec 02, 2013 at 9:02 am

By now they anticipated 800,000 people, so clearly this is another Obama victory.

About 100,000 people signed up for health insurance through the online federal exchange last month, a roughly four-fold increase from October even as a team of U.S. government and contractor programmers was fixing the troubled Affordable Care Act website, said a person familiar with program’s progress.

The preliminary November numbers reflect individuals who successfully selected a plan. The administration expects that most consumers will sign up early next year as the enrollment period nears its March 31 close, said the person who asked for anonymity because the final numbers were still being calculated.

Selecting a plan counts, huh? There’s still no way to pay since the back-end of this mess isn’t ready. But hey, why mess with this feel-good story?

After two months of software errors and delays that have threatened the success of President Barack Obama’s signature health law, the administration said yesterday that it met its self-imposed deadline and the site, healthcare.gov, is working smoothly for the majority of users. The fumbled rollout forced the administration to scale back its original enrollment targets of about 800,000 for the first two months.

While far from the original goal, the jump in enrollment may be an encouraging trend for the administration and could signal that consumers are keeping an open mind about the new $1.4 trillion health law amid criticism from both Republicans and Democrats over the site’s technical failures.

Uh, $1.4 trillion? You lie. Meanwhile, only 257 people have signed up in Hawaii. Time to celebrate.

By latest count, only 257 Hawaiians have enrolled — all of them individuals who earn enough to be disqualified from subsidies. Moreover, the Hawaii Health Connector still can’t effectively connect to the state’s Medicaid system, leaving the poorer applicants who’ve attempted to buy insurance in indefinite limbo.

Put differently, it has cost $778,000 in federal funds for each individual who has successfully enrolled in Hawaii — and all of them have been people who would likely have been able to afford health insurance.

Would have been wiser to listen to Ted Cruz.


2 Responses to “100,000 People Allegedly Signed Up for ObamaCare in November”

  1. Lightwave on 2/02/13 at 9:41 am

    Once again, the GOP has the means to force a full repeal with the January budget deadline. Somehow I’m thinking that shutting down the government over Obameecare won’t be seen as the fault of the Republicans this time around.

  2. Devan on 2/02/13 at 11:14 am

    Will Obamacare be repealed or won’t it? Will Congress fund it or won’t it? Blah, blah, blah. We the people just need to do what we need to do and Congress be damned. Resist. Refuse. Revolt. EXEMPT OURSELVES! We did not comply with Prohibition and we simply should not comply with Obamacare. For religious reasons. For privacy reasons. For the cause of liberty and freedom and in protest of the idea that the federal government (under one party rule, no less), can force private citizens to purchase anything with our own money. Are we citizens or subjects? Mice or men(women)? Just say NO to socialism and to the corrupt, unionized, far left IRS, the gestapo of America’s political class. After all, the federal government ignores millions of illegals who are breaking U.S. immigration law. Our Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. All we have to do is just say no to a scheme we all know is un-American and a violation of our most basic founding fundamentals of privacy, self reliance, limited government and individual freedom.