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‘Agitated’ Dems Bugging Out; White House Has No Contingency Plan if ObamaCare Website Not Fixed By November 30


We hope they suffer a whole lot more than the millions of Americans who’ve lost their insurance thanks to them. Don’t forget, America, Democrats own this horror show in its entirety and they must pay next November. Senate Democrats vented … Continued

Oct. 15: Obama Administration Estimated Strong New Health Insurance Enrollment Numbers; Today: White House Expected Early ObamaCare Enrollment Struggles

Unexpected! This was what we read two weeks ago. The Obama administration’s internal projections called for strong enrollment in the states in the first year of new health insurance markets, according to unpublished estimates obtained by The Associated Press. Whether … Continued

Healthcare Mash

This is brilliant. Sure to infuriate humor-challenged lefties.  

Schumer Decides It’s OK to Overturn a Law


For some time now whenever anyone says ObamaCare should be overturned all were hear from obnoxious Democrats is IT’S THE LAW!   Yet believe it or not laws can be changed, or scrapped entirely. So when a Democrat like Chuckie … Continued