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Obama Calls Income Gap ‘Wrong’ — After Widening It

Barack Obama

The president has been decrying the growing gap between rich and poor in the U.S. to help sell his retread tax-and-spend proposals. But those policies have already produced record levels of income inequality. In his speech in Illinois last week, … Continued

GOP Urges New FBI Director to Step Up Investigation of Obama’s ‘Phony’ Benghazi Scandal

Good luck with that, guys. A letter from GOP lawmakers urges Comey to be more “aggressive” in investigating the deadly attack. Republican lawmakers are pressing James Comey, the new FBI director, to step up the bureau’s investigation of the deadly … Continued

Unemployment rates up in 90 percent of U.S. cities


Unemployment rates rose in nearly all large U.S. cities in June as college graduates and many of those still in school began searching for jobs. The Labor Department said Tuesday that unemployment rates rose in 347 large metro areas in … Continued