Why Obama Flipped: Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat has two mommies

Posted by on May 11, 2012 at 7:39 am

You have to love both the cynicism and the self-contradiction of carefully calibrating a major change in position in order to serve the purpose of making the other guy look like a flip-flopper. But the bit about the Times and the Post rings 100% true, doesn’t it?

What does it mean for November? The president himself, in his “Good Morning America” interview, feigned nonchalance. “It’d be hard to argue that somehow this is–something that I’d be doin’ for political advantage–because frankly, you know–you know, the politics, it’s not clear how they cut.” Frankly!

Many of Obama’s supporters in the media agree with him on the substance and are simply delighted that he has finally made public that he agrees with them. Their enthusiasm provides support for Jeff Bell‘s assertion that social issues constitute the left’s “irreplaceable ideological core. . . . The left keeps putting these issues into the mix, and they do it very deliberately, and I think they do it as a matter of principle.”

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