Why Does Facebook Still Have the “Pedophiles are People Too” Page Up?

Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 at 7:17 am

Props to John Crudele for following up on this. I don’t even use Facebook, but find this in extremely poor taste.

Let’s see if Facebook thinks this is funny: amping up the battle.

If the protests of some of its 955 million daily users aren’t heard and the site isn’t soon taken down, I’ll start printing the name of Facebook’s advertisers, along with the phone numbers and names of the advertisers’ chief executives.

Remember what I told you recently: When you make a complaint, you have to do it to the right people.

Facebook doesn’t care if you complain to it, or even if (as some readers have suggested) you stop using its site.

But it does care if advertisers are worried.

So make the advertisers worry with phone calls. And I’ll make the first call to each of them.

Remember, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg loses about $500 million every time Facebook’s shares fall by $1.

If Zuckerberg believes pedophilia is an appropriate topic for a discussion his company says is nothing more than “controversial humour,” then let’s see how much of his wealth he’s willing to forfeit on that nutty view.

Apparently nobody in the media will ask Facebook’s No. 1 fan about this. I bet if there was implying Obama was a pedophile it would have been jettisoned long ago.



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