White Man Beaten by Mob in Critical Condition: “Now that’s justice for Trayvon”

Posted by on Apr 24, 2012 at 8:29 am

Racial cowards Barack Obama and Eric Holder were unavailable for comment.

Mobile police need your help to catch a mob that beat Matthew Owens so badly that he’s in critical condition.

According to police, Owens fussed at some kids playing basketball in the middle of Delmar Drive about 8:30 Saturday night. They say the kids left and a group of adults returned, armed with everything but the kitchen sink.

Police tell News 5 the suspects used chairs, pipes and paint cans to beat Owens.

Owens’ sister, Ashley Parker, saw the attack. “It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed.” Parker says 20 people, all African American, attacked her brother on the front porch of his home, using “brass buckles, paint cans and anything they could get their hands on.”

Good thing we have a racial healer in the White House, huh?

Police will only say “multiple people” are involved.

What Parker says happened next could make the fallout from the brutal beating even worse. As the attackers walked away, leaving Owen bleeding on the ground, Parker says one of them said “Now thats justice for Trayvon.” Trayvon Martin is the unarmed teenager police say was shot and killed February 26 by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman in Samford, Florida.

Two words conveniently omitted from the story: Hate crime.

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5 Responses to “White Man Beaten by Mob in Critical Condition: “Now that’s justice for Trayvon””

  1. Wolftech on 27/27/12 at 7:36 pm

    This whole mess has nothing to do with justice. I doubt anyone in this mob cares if Zimmerman was acting in self-defense or if he murdered the Martin kid. This is about revenge.
    When the verdict comes out I will not be in a black area and I will be armed. I’m not going into intensive care by myself. And God help us if these race baiters and black politicians manage to get a race war started. I don’t see how Sharpton and Jackson could profit from a race war but they have managed to enrich themselves from exploiting racial tensions so who knows?