When Liberals Attack: “It was crude, abusive, mindless garbage”

Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 at 8:52 am

Nothing like exercising freedom of speech in America these days. It’s almost as if this poor guy owned a Chick Fil-a outlet.

The vile, hate-filled messages started showing up soon after Mitt Romney and the national press corps left Brian Maloney’s truck repair shop in Roxbury.

“It was incredible,” Maloney tells the Herald. “It was crude, abusive, mindless garbage.”

Maloney hadn’t committed a crime, but to some Democrats and liberals he had done something far more heinous: He had dared to criticize President Obama.

“It was pretty sick,” the 69-year-old Maloney says of the flurry of more than a dozen voice messages and emails, some of them too repulsive to repeat. All of them were anonymous, of course, but many parroted the Obama campaign claim that Romney shipped jobs overseas. One emailer wrote to Maloney: “You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

No, what’s really shameful is the vicious assault on Maloney, who had the audacity to say that he built his business on his own, without government help.

Liberal attackers like Rachel Maddow pointed out that Maloney got a government industrial bond that helped him get a low-interest loan to start his business. What Maddow and others don’t mention is that Maloney got the help because he was moving into a desolate, dangerous part of Boston that city officials were desperate to develop.

“It was like war zone,” Maloney recalled. “You could hear gunfire at night.”

He managed to survive. Until now. Then the goons were unleashed by the Rachel Maddows of the world. Lovely.

The message is pretty clear: If you want to back Romney and publicly criticize the president, prepare to get slimed yourself. It’s a message that Brian Maloney has received loud and clear.

“It’s pretty sad,” he says.

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