What — me work? Outsourcing the Oval Office

Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 at 1:07 pm

The root cause of the Obama governing malaise can be found in his core group of advisers. Former Democratic lawmakers say he rarely meets with seasoned hands of the Democratic Party, much less the opposition, to get stuff done.

He hasn’t met with his so-called Jobs Council — a group of CEOs who advise the president on the economy — for most of this year, despite the lousy economy. When he did, the conversations, I’m told, were lame — a major reason Immelt tells friends he’s going to vote for Romney, despite the perks GE got from this administration.

Instead, Obama relies on political hacks and cronies from his days in Chicago, including White House adviser Valerie Jarrett — people who have little governing experience, particularly in the national arena — while he farms out the rest of his agenda to his pals in Congress.

Four years ago, President Obama sold himself as someone who would be tirelessly working for the American people. Yet he hardly looks tired on the campaign trail — and now you know why.

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