We Just Hope They Used Cheaply Available Contraception

Posted by on Mar 08, 2012 at 1:02 pm

The specter of these two spawning a child is far too terrifying to contemplate.

An unscheduled performance on the Danbury Green landed a homeless couple in jail Tuesday, police said.

Police said Jonathan Price, 41, and Shannon McClung, 38, were arrested after a police officer allegedly found them having sex on a stage at the outdoor pavilion.

Police said they received several calls complaining about the couple.

When an officer arrived shortly after 2 p.m., he observed Price and McClung engaged in a sex act in full public view on the stage, police said. An earlier version of this story reported erroneously that the couple was seen having sex at the nearby Danbury Ice Arena.

The stage is open on all sides and used for concerts in the summer.

Several adult women were watching the show, police said.

Geez, are things really this bad in Connecticut that women are left to watch homeless people having sex in public?

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