We Can’t Wait: Obama Rushes Solar Company Project That Sells Products to Itself

Posted by on Aug 07, 2012 at 1:11 pm

In turn we’re sure they’ll quickly pivot  and helpfully funnel money to the desperate Obama campaign. Not that we have any evidence of that, but in this new era of Democrat hit-and-smear attacks, who needs facts?

President Obama, as part of his “we can’t wait” for congressional approval initiative, announced that the Office of Management and Budget will expedite approval of a Nevada project owned by a solar company with a history of using taxpayer subsidies to sell products to itself.

First Solar’s “Silver State South Solar Energy project is a solar energy generation plant proposed on 13,043 acres of public land,” the White House said in an announcement of the initiative. “If approved, it would produce an estimated 350 MW of clean energy utilizing photovoltaic technology– enough to power approximately 105,000 homes – and help the State of Nevada meet its renewable energy goals.”

This is a company that, as The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney reported, relies on taxpayer subsidies while selling products to itself.

Oh, and the money this outfit has received dwarfs the amount doled out to Obama’s pals at Solyndra.

First Solar is heavily subsidized by the Energy Department. as it received three loan guarantees worth almost $3 billion combined — all for projects that should not have been eligible for the loan guarantees.

I never imagined the levels of corruption would be so massive with this crew. As for environmental concerns,  Dingy Harry has lauded the administration for  quickly moving this scam through environmental review.

It takes decades to clear a coal plant, but this gets expedited.

“I commend Secretary Salazar and the Obama Administration for their commitment to Nevada’s clean energy future by helping to move the Silver State North Solar Project quickly through the environmental review process. This important clean energy project will generate affordable electricity for thousands of homes with no air pollution or waste production.  Developing similar projects in Nevada should be an essential part of our future economic growth strategy.

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