Warmists confirmed as cheats, liars, fakers; Pope still Catholic; etc

Posted by on Mar 18, 2012 at 6:57 pm

I wonder how the BBC environment correspondent Richard Black would report it if the Climatic Research Unit’s Phil Jones were suddenly to confess that everything he’d said in the last two decades about the anthropogenic warming threat was total rubbish. I’m guessing something like: “Hero climate scientist announces glorious discovery: world saved, research at CRU now shows!”

I wonder how the New York Times, or the Guardian environment pages or Huffington Post would report it if NASA’s James Hansen were to burst in with a machine gun and grenades at the next Heartland climate sceptics’ conference and wipe out half the delegates. “NASA expert helps solve global overpopulation problem!”, probably.

If you think I’m joking consider how all the above-mentioned organs responded to the story of Fakegate, in which climate activist Peter Gleick engaged in identity theft and used a forged document in order to smear the Heartland institute with a pack of lies. The way they covered it, you’d think the real villain of the piece was not Gleick but Heartland. One liberal commentator went so far as to suggest that the person who had faked the one (and only) incriminating document was none other than Heartland’s president Joe Bast. Some kind of sinister, false-flag operation to make the environmental movement look bad, I suppose. (Yeah, like it needs any help on that score).

Anyway, now Anthony Watts reports that the forged document has been submitted to forensic analysis and that the most likely culprit turns out to be – as Steven Mosher suspected weeks ago – none other than Peter Gleick. Well quelle surprise and whoulda thunk?! Gleick denies it. Well of course he would. Looks kind of embarrassing, doesn’t it, when your cause is so desperate that the only dirt you can manage to get on your opposition is dirt you’ve manufactured yourself?

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