War on Women: Alleged Assault Victim of MA Democrat Comes Forward

Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 at 8:04 am

As Democrats famously say it’s not whether the facts hold up but it’s the severity of the allegation. Well, at least that’s what we were told back in the days of the Clarence Thomas and Bob Packwood witch hunts. After all, their accusers were liberal women, so we must not question what they say, otherwise we’re women-haters or something.

So here we must give the benefit of the doubt to the alleged victim.

Rep. Carlos Henriquez, with alcohol on his breath, backhanded his ex-girlfriend, grabbed her throat, punched her and then seized her phone when she tried to record him as their late-night tryst turned violent, Arlington police said in court papers filed yesterday with new charges against the Boston Democrat.

Accuser Katherine Gonzalves spoke out for the first time yesterday, telling reporters, “I have told the truth about this incident and will continue to do so.”

She told Arlington police she and Henriquez had two arguments where the rising political star grabbed her phone and looked through it, but the spats never turned physical until their encounter in the backseat of his Zipcar in Arlington early Sunday morning. It was after the attack — prompted by her refusal to stay out with him — that he jumped back into the driver’s seat and drove off, she told police.

Before she jumped out of the car’s back door near Northeastern University, she was able to grab her cell phone back from Henriquez, but she said the memory card was missing, police said.

Gonzalves, who told officers she could smell alcohol on Henriquez’s breath, had bruises on her chest and arms, and a scraped shin, according to the police report.

Who knows, maybe he’s suffering from a mood disorder.

Often we’d see NOW and various women’s groups rushing to the aid of the alleged victim of violence. Maybe even the president would call her to offer aid and comfort if she were having difficulty paying or her contraception. Especially since the mother of Henriquez is one of his appointees.

But this young lady apparently is on her own.

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