WaPo Hack Capehart Admits: “The Occupy movement is going nowhere”

Posted by on May 22, 2012 at 8:34 am

Of course he neglects to mention all the Occupiers arrested for threatening to bomb Obama headquarters and take down a bridge outside Cleveland, but hey, the dude’s a slow learner. But even a far-left Koolaid-slurping Obama zombie like this guy can see the obvious.

The massive protests over the weekend in Chicago during the NATO summit have folks wondering if that marked a resurgence of the Occupy Wall Street movement. But I have to tell you, if those demonstrations are any indicator, OWS is going nowhere fast.

Let me give OWS its props. When it burst onto the scene last year, it singlehandedly change the national debate from deficits to the 99 percent and their anger over the excesses of Wall Street. Just like the tea party, OWS is an organic movement that resists having recognized leaders. But unlike the tea party, OWS continues to resist having a clear goal that can be achieved through the political process. And it doesn’t help that it has an aversion to the political process.

Not to mention the rampant crime, rapes, planned bombings, drug abuse, etc.

Um, no, it never was and never will be “just like the tea party” in any way, shape or form. The tea party arose out of frustration with being taxed enough already while this Occupy movement was conceived by the Democratic Party as a distraction to Obama’s failures and to encourage their class warfare platform in 2012.

And it’s failed miserably, just like their leader Obama.

For all the power it exhibited last fall in changing the national conversation, I’m hard pressed to see what OWS has accomplished since then. Occupy Chicago had a list of grievances that included protesting Boeing for its role in war, climate change, income inequality, gay rights, women’s rights and foreclosures. All legitimate concerns. But if OWS is going to transition from protest to real political power that translates to the change it says it wants, the movement must field candidates who proudly carry the OWS banner. The Tea Party of the Left, if you will.

Again, Capehart is delusional if he thinks these OWS clowns “changed the national conversation.” They did no such thing. Sure, they gave the media something to distract from Obama’s myriad failures, but in reality they represent a far-left fringe incapable of holding a job, bathing, speaking coherently, or keeping their hands off the women. In short, they’re mostly a rag-tag mob of vagabond criminals, a blight on the American landscape. The sooner the Capeharts of the world stop fawning over them the sooner they’ll disappear.

Update:  I forgot about Capehart’s past antipathy to the Tea Party, crystallized by this crazed rant  a couple of years ago.

Joseph Stack was angry at the Internal Revenue Service, and he took his rage out on it by slamming his single-engine plane into the Echelon Building in Austin, Texas. We now know this thanks to the rather clear (as rants go) suicide note Stack left behind. There’s no information yet on whether he was involved in any anti-government groups or whether he was a lone wolf. But after reading his 34-paragraph screed, I am struck by how his alienation is similar to that we’re hearing from the extreme elements of the Tea Party movement.

Funny, but with at least a couple of incidents of planned Occupier terrorism he makes no mention of them now. And just last week, the tea partiers were racist, according to Capehart.

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