Video: Shameless Liar Claire McCaskill Claims Senate Passed a Budget Last August

Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 at 1:37 pm

She’s living in some fantasy world occupied by far left cranks and MSNBC. What’s real is fake and what never happened indeed happened. It’s just you crazy people spouting your Fox News talking points are too stupid to know it or something.

SEN. CLAIRE MCCASKILL (D., MO.) The Senate passed a budget last August—in fact, we did better. I’ve always complained about the way we did these budget resolutions, because they’re phony baloney. Every year, we pass a resolution and it doesn’t even have force of law. And the appropriators would have just completely ignored it. So last August, for the first time that I’ve been there, we put it into law for two years—the budget for two years, and actually 10 years going forward, but legal spending caps for two years. And guess what happened this year? The appropriators followed it, for the first time since I’ve been there. So them telling—this is Fox News and a talking point by the political right that we haven’t passed a budget. We not only passed one, but for the first time it’s in law, signed by the president and we must follow it. It is bringing down spending and it is bringing down the number of federal employees.

So a budget never offered and never passed is bringing down spending? Huh?

Two months ago the third anniversary of no Democratic budgets passed. She knows this but instead chooses to lie.

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