‘Unsettling News’ From the DNC

Posted by on Jul 08, 2012 at 1:56 pm

Our old buddy Robby Mook from the DNC is back. From the mailbox:

Today, Mitt Romney is holding a $50,000-a-head fundraiser in the Hamptons with one of the Big Oil billionaire Koch Brothers.

They’ll have a lot to celebrate together: Romney’s campaign brought in a whopping $100 million in June and the Kochs have raised millions more for their outside groups.

Jammie — I won’t mince words: If Mitt and his SuperPAC backers can bury us under a wave of corporate special interest cash right now, we will lose in November.

We need you right now.

If everyone who’s been waiting to give pitches in $3 or more today we can start closing the gap right now.

Please do your part — make a donation of $3 or more right now.

From the start, we’ve known President Obama and Democrats nationwide would need all of us to build a victory together — if we’re going to build it at all.

It’s now or never.




To think, the party of the guy who holds daily fundraisers is whining about a $50K a head fundraiser by Romney?

By the way, it’s safe to hit the links there.

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