Union Thugs Stage Protest at Cancer Research Event: “It’s hard to understand why people would protest an event like this”

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Say what you will about Cablevision and its owner James Dolan, there are much more preferable ways to stage a protest. At a cancer benefit sure isn’t one of them. And they wonder why most people can’t stand them.

Disgruntled union workers put their fight against Cablevision over the fight against cancer at a Times Square protest last night.

About 50 members of the Communications Workers of America Local 1109 disrupted a benefit for cancer research at the Hard Rock Cafe, carrying signs and blaring music as attendees streamed in.

Cablevision CEO James Dolan, whose rock band performed at the event, told The Post that the workers’ actions are “despicable.”

“They think being disruptive for their personal gain is more important than beating pancreatic cancer,” he said. “Their values are twisted. I’m surprised at the depth of their lowness. Everyone who deals with them should take note. It’s shameful.”

Feeling shame isn’t a union requirement, that’s for sure.

“I’m a pancreatic-cancer survivor, and it’s unfortunate that they have to protest an event like this,” said Scott Nelson, 59, who lives in Minnesota.

“The survival rate is so low. It’s one of the least-funded cancers,” Nelson said. “It’s hard to understand why people would protest an event like this.”

Cindy Dolar, of Northport, LI, added, “It’s kind of disgusting that they’re protesting an event to raise money for research on pancreatic cancer. I’m shocked. It’s in very poor taste.”

Defiant Local 1109 members couldn’t care less about what they were disrupting.

Dolan is “a philanthropist and a bully,” said Chris Calabrese, Local 1109’s executive vice president.

And they’re just bullies.

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