U.S. Halts $20 Million Funding for Pakistani “Sesame Street”

Posted by on Jun 05, 2012 at 6:57 am

Another Obama victory! He’s “saving” us $10 million.

Bet you weren’t aware we have so much money to throw around that we could find $20 million for our “friends” from Pakistan to launch their own version of Sesame Street.

The U.S. Embassy in Pakistan says it terminated funding for a $20 million project to develop a local version of Sesame Street amid reports of corruption.

The organization in question is the Rafi Peer Theater Workshop, a local group that jointly developed the show with Sesame Workshop, the creator of the American series.

Every time those big meanie Republicans threaten even a nickel of funding for PBS all we get are sob stories about how they want to kill Big Bird. I suspect we won’t be hearing the same laments this time. Speaking of termination, we may have iced the latest Al Qaeda No. 2 in Pakistan. A much better use of our tax dollars.


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