Trash-talking veep’s Tampa tantrum

Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 at 6:55 am

Since the day Paul Ryan was announced as Romney’s VP selection, the Democrats have barely missed an opportunity to assault the new GOP team — sometimes even physically. During his debut appearance at the Iowa State Fair last week, recall, some “protestors” shouted stop-the-war-on-whatever clichés and tried to rush the stage; back in Washington, meanwhile, President Obama helpfully inflamed the situation with a claim that Ryan had tried to prevent drought aid from reaching Iowa farmers.

A couple of days later, Ryan came under fire again at a Virginia town hall, this time for “lying” about the stimulus. Already a pro on the stump, Ryan just laughed it off and continued with his talk.

But let’s be clear — this is no laughing matter. As far as some of today’s hard-left Democrats are concerned, the very act of running against their chosen candidate is now cause for “protest,” and they’re willing to risk personal confrontations with the candidates.

It’s not the first time they’ve pulled this little stunt. Few remember now, but back in 2008 Sarah Palin’s electrifying speech in front of the Republican convention was almost knocked off stride when Code Pink “protestors” rushed the stage and managed to get within 30 feet of the Alaska governor before being dragged away.

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