Trainwreck: Ohio Obama Rally Features Rap Version of Sesame Street Theme Song

Posted by on Oct 09, 2012 at 7:04 pm

I’m convinced now they’re really trying to lose this thing. They can’t possibly be so out of touch.

Team Romney has decried Democrats’ repeated mentions of Big Bird since Mitt Romney brought up the beloved muppet while declaring his intention to end the federal subsidy for PBS during last week’s presidential debate, but the Obama campaign shows no sign that they intend to stop invoking Sesame Street any time soon. In fact, at an Obama rally at Ohio State University this afternoon, rapper performed a rendition of the theme song of the popular children’s television show to rile up the president’s supporters.

According to Politico reporter Reid Epstein, who was on the scene at the Ohio State rally,’s Sesame Street stylings may not have had the desired effect.

“Much, much more enthusiasm when @iamwill plays Journey than for the Sesame Street theme song,” Mr. Epstein wrote on Twitter.

Based on his other tweets from the event, Mr. Epstein clearly wasn’t impressed with’s performance.

“So what is ’s talent again?” he asked.

While we’re going there, what’s Obama’s talent?

3 Responses to “Trainwreck: Ohio Obama Rally Features Rap Version of Sesame Street Theme Song”

  1. Carol Bowser on 9/09/12 at 7:44 pm

    I don’t want an entertainer for a President! The critical focus here is that we need good governance. Good governance just like at home begins with fiscal responsibility. All the mongering and name calling aside, can we talk about the real issue? Who will best lead this country out of recession to more economic strength and fiscal responsibility. We have had better economies under other presidents (Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, JFK) and the common detonators is that they got out of the way of the private sector. You can’t continually demonize that sector and then expect it to pull you out of a recession. The business sector needs consistency to make long term decisions not temporary or part time jobs. Keynesian economics is only a short term solution and a costly one at that. Economists disagree on whether Keynesian efforts help or prolong a recovery. From the Keynesian efforts that we have done, I would say that it has prolonged it. This has been the longest recovery ever.