“To embarrass the president like this and to put themselves in jeopardy of being blackmailed is so over the line”

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In the end, it doesn’t matter how boorish and idiotic your behavior is. If you embarrass Dear Leader, consider your career over. Of course blaming the guy whose watch this occurred on cannot and will not be done. His name isn’t Bush, after all.

Several of the cathouse-loving Secret Service agents caught with Colombian hookers were assigned to the elite heavy-weapons squad directly responsible for protecting the president, The Post has learned.

The now-disgraced agents were part of the Secret Service’s Counter-Assault Team, trained to repel attacks on the president’s motorcade to give him time to escape in the event of an assault, sources said.

As members of the highly trained group, they would have kept copies of President Obama’s schedule in their rooms — where they allegedly partied and at least once tussled with a streetwalker the week before Obama arrived in Cartagena for the Summit of the Americas, other sources told NBC.

“Their security clearances have been revoked. They don’t have access to Secret Service facilities, and they are on administrative leave,” said Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary.

The rogue agents also had to turn in all of their Secret Service equipment — from earpieces to firearms.

There were a total of two supervisors and three CAT agents among the 11 uniformed Secret Service officers yanked back to Washington on Thursday, sources said.

Both the agency’s Office of Professional Responsibility and the federal Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General have since launched probes into seamy allegations that the agents — some married — dallied with the cheap call girls.

It was two CAT agents who battled with at least one hooker over payment for services rendered at their hotel, sources said. The fight prompted a call to the local police and made their shenanigans public.

The other agents who were caught partying too hard last week had been assigned to more mundane tasks, such as manning sentry posts or metal detectors in advance of the president’s arrival.

Without a doubt, all of their careers are over, said Ronald Kessler, a former reporter who broke the news of the scandal. He also is the author of the book “In the President’s Secret Service.”

“They will be fired, and there is no question that that is the proper punishment,” Kessler predicted on the Web site Newsmax.

“To embarrass the president like this and to put themselves in jeopardy of being blackmailed is so over the line.”

If this happened with a Republican in the White House the Democrats would already be fundraising off the incident.

2 Responses to ““To embarrass the president like this and to put themselves in jeopardy of being blackmailed is so over the line””

  1. chris on 18/18/12 at 11:22 am

    It will be “pass the popcorn” time when the scapegoats are chosen and the payback takes the form of tawdry tales from insiders about DumBHO’s White House. Can you say “Reggie Love?”

    Don’t be surprised about hearing of massive disrespect and interference with agents trying to do their jobs during the last four years. Discipline breaks down over time. When you think federal government, “civil servant” isn’t what pops into your mind.

    TSA robbing and groping travelers, DOJ, DHS and BAFT colluding with drug cartels to undermine Second Amendment rights, DOJ working with the Black Panthers to push a race war, GSA peeing away hundreds of thousands partying….

    Our imperial government has become a nest of thieves and looters. Cartagena was just more planeloads of government boobdogglers invading attending a third level trade summit and adding it to their resume as some sort of major lifetime accomplishment making them fit for a job on K Street..