“The problem is with him . . . the man who professes to be for the 99% doesn’t want any of the 99% talking to him or being near him”

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Well, this could pretty much apply to any of the limousine liberal left. They pretend to love the little guy and are allegedly champions of the middle class. But in reality, they’re just elitist snobs living in  ivory towers and looking down on the peons.

Liberal bloviator Keith Olbermann spent his last days at Current TV driving colleagues nuts with rants about “smelly’’ drivers who had the audacity to talk to him, according to startling e-mails obtained by The Post.

“The problem is with him . . . the man who professes to be for the 99% doesn’t want any of the 99% talking to him or being near him,” an accounting executive complained in one of the missives.

An assistant, who had just about maxed out her corporate card in a desperate attempt to find a car service whose drivers would meet Olbermann’s exacting standards, e-mailed Accounting:

“I bet you wish I was joking about this . . . but we have yet another car service we need to open an account with.

“Any chance we can get this ASAP? I keep putting the charges on my corporate card and I’m afraid it will go over the limit soon!”

But then she had an inspiration — why not try an LA company called, appropriately, “Diva.’’

“I am hoping this is the last one!!” the exasperated staffer said.

It worked, but it didn’t last long, because Olbermann was fired about a month later.

He did, however, leave the studio for the last time in a Diva limo, sent by the firm’s New York operation.

Olbermann’s pre-Diva drivers had disdained him as much as he despised them.

“I don’t watch him. And I don’t like him as a person,” said one Skyline driver. “He’s wealthy and entitled. That should be your answer.”

In the meantime, the always humble Olbermann slithered onto the David Letterman Show last night to remind everyone how much money he used to make. That’s always been his routine when challenged about anything. He tells you you’re an idiot and he makes a lot of money. Too bad that cash can’t buy class.

Meanwhile, Olbermann appeared last night on “Late Show with David Letterman,” where he bizarrely compared himself to a “$10 million chandelier’’ and suggested Al Gore’s network was not up to his standards.

“It’s my fault that it didn’t succeed, in the sense that I didn’t think the whole thing through,’’ he said.

“I didn’t say, ‘You know, if you buy a $10 million chandelier, you should have a house to put it in. Just walking around with a $10 million chandelier isn’t going to do anybody a lot of good.”

By the way, did you know he was making $10 million a year? Never again do I want to hear about anyone on Wall Street taking in large bonuses when you have a schmuck like this pulling down $10 million to be a jerk.

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6 Responses to ““The problem is with him . . . the man who professes to be for the 99% doesn’t want any of the 99% talking to him or being near him””

  1. Rev Dr E Buzz on 4/04/12 at 9:41 am

    Keith and Dave, two skeezy neurotic douchebags…is gay marriage legal in New York?

  2. BeckoningChasm on 4/04/12 at 11:44 am

    Dunno about gay marriage, but those two should get a sitcom together. “Two And A Half Douchebags” maybe.

  3. Johanna Lapp on 4/04/12 at 12:49 pm

    The chandelier in Phantom of the Opera cost a hell of a lot less, and it was thrown from the rafters eight times a week for more than 20 years.

    Somehow, it managed to show up for work the next day. Every day.

    A sportscaster who never learned that sometimes you gotta play hurt?

    A journalist who never learned that he’s part of a daily miracle?

    A diva who never learned that the show must go on?

  4. garycooper on 4/04/12 at 4:45 pm

    I find it uproarious that Albore saw fit to pay Olberdouche $10M to fail yet again. LOL!

    Hey, Al…you know Rosie O’Donnell’s free now? People love her, she’s the Queen of Nice or something like that. You have to get her, to fill that spot. Spitzer’s about as telegenic and charismatic as you are, and, well, we all know that’s not your strong suit. You crazed sex-poodle, you!

  5. macbrooks on 4/04/12 at 7:09 pm

    As a veteran of the service world, no matter what those Diva drivers are being paid, it ain’t near enough.

    mac :]