The ‘National Discussion’ on Guns Begins: CT Congressman Calls Rick Perry a ‘Testosterone Laden’ Individual with Blood on His Hands

Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 at 7:57 am

Whenever the left demands a “national discussion” on anything the discussion always goes like this: The right gets bashed mercilessly while the left does all the discussing. If anyone calmly tries to use reason and logic they’re shouted down and called names. So why ever bother trying to “discuss” anything with these people if this is what we’re going to get?

During a press conference on gun control yesterday, Rep. Jim Himes D-Conn. blasted Texas Governor Rick Perry for vocally supporting Second Amendment rights for American citizens after the horrific school shooting in Connecticut.

“So the notion that more Americans quote unquote in the words of Governor Perry, ‘packing heat’ will make us safer is not founded in reality, in facts or in history,” Himes said bitterly during a press conference. “It is founded in the fantasy of testosterone laden individuals who have blood on their hands for articulating that idea.”

In response to the shootings, Perry signaled during a Tea Party meeting on Monday that teachers should have the right to carry a handgun – but only if they had a concealed carry license. Perry added that it should be up to school districts whether or not they were willing to have armed teachers in the classroom.

The hysterical, frothing  left has no use for facts, statistics or logic. All they do is based on emotion as they shamelessly exploit a horrific incident for cheap political gain. They’re shameless.

If you need to cleanse the palate after that, Michelle Malkin appeared on Hannity Wednesday night to add some adult discussion.

By all means, let’s have a “discussion” about gun violence. We can start by talking about Chicago, America’s gun crime capital.


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3 Responses to “The ‘National Discussion’ on Guns Begins: CT Congressman Calls Rick Perry a ‘Testosterone Laden’ Individual with Blood on His Hands”

  1. hutch1200 on 20/20/12 at 10:33 am

    “Not a single new gun law would have prevented this”.
    THAT, is the bottom line. 20k laws so far.
    You want mine? We’re both gonna get bloody.

  2. Warren Bonesteel on 20/20/12 at 10:56 am

    Hysteria? Mebbe just a bit, here and there.

    Think of it this way:

    The left has nearly finished its ‘Long March” through our institutions. Gut The Second Amendment and all they need to do is declare a ‘national emergency’ …and the ‘Long March’ is over.

    They don’t really need to take The House or The Supreme Court. Icing on the cake, but not absolutely necessary.

    They own everything else in D.C.

    iow, like a football team ahead by two touchdowns w/ two minutes left, they’ve started celebrating a bit early. One more touchdown puts the game outta reach. There’s a bit of hysteria in that celebration, but that shouldn’t be unexpected or surprising.

  3. Bill R. on 20/20/12 at 11:13 am

    National Discussion? Not likely. My rights ‘Endowed by the Creator’ and codified in the greatest document ever written, the Constitution, are not subject to discussion. Nor will I permit that right to just be taken away. Without the second, the others will fall like dominos.