The Magic Touch: Fearing Loss of Business, Owner Asks Failed President to Remove Store From Ad

Posted by on Aug 09, 2012 at 12:44 pm

At the rate things are going, Joe Septic will soon ask  to remove himself from the now infamous cancer ad.

The owner of a specialty deli at Findlay Market wants her store’s name removed from an ad President Barack Obama is using to defend his record on small business.

Ten seconds into the ad “Always,” a man is shown from behind, pushing up the security door of Krause’s while Obama’s voice talks about owners sacrificing to make their businesses run.

The owner of the store, Debra Krause-McDonnell, said that she did not give permission for her business to be shown and that some customers have told her they’ll no longer shop there.

So much for freedom. The woman didn’t even want to be in there, but these schmucks go and do as they please.

“I’ve been put into a position I didn’t ask for,” she said Wednesday after the Hamilton County Republican Party sent out an email about the ad that accused Democrats of not responding to the owner’s concerns. “I’m a little angry.”

She also indicated she wouldn’t want a Romney ad, but naturally some Democrat hack  questions that.

Faux disagreed that Krause-McDonnell would be just as angry if the ad were airing for Romney.

“From my conversations with her, it’s clear she’s not an Obama supporter,” he said. “So she’s got a political agenda.”

But Obama doesn’t?

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