The Little Jihadis: Eight-Year-Old Girl Calls for Jihad; Mother of ‘Behead’ Tot Turns Herself In

Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 at 8:19 pm

As the old saying goes, they blow up so fast.

Meanwhile, the mother of the sign-wielding tiny terror has turned herself in.

The woman, who said she was unaware the protest would turn violent, will not be charged and faces no further action, authorities say.

Muslim community leaders gather this morning to call for calm in the wake of the violent weekend protest in Sydney’s CBD.

Earlier a teenager has been arrested for smashing the window of a police car at the weekend and Islamic leaders have met to discuss how to calm the unrest.

Meanwhile, twitter is alive as Newsweek finds itself the subject of mockery over its “Muslim Rage” discussion and video of an Australian 8-year-old girl urging an Islamic uprising has emerged.

She wasn’t identified. We doubt the media who gleefully reported the the film-maker’s name and showed his home on television will rush to find her identity.

Meanwhile, someone suspects a scam behind the original ‘behead’ sign.

I personally believe that that sign was left on the floor for that child to pick it up.

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