The Islamist rioters should learn to see the funny side

Posted by on Sep 15, 2012 at 3:29 pm

Try running a Google Images search for the keywords “Arab” and “cartoon”. There is no need to insert the words “racist”, “anti-Semitic” or even “Jew”. Just “Arab” and “cartoon”. You can run the search by simply clicking here.

What you will discover is page upon page of cartoons concerning Jews and Israel. Some may, if you squint, be excused as “political”; a few may even pass for the work of Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell. Most, however, are sickening. There are Jews eating children, Jews gloating over bags of money, Jews with a blood lust, and so on and so on. The sheer irony of Islamic zealots having a hair-trigger themselves towards anti-Islamic cartoons and the like, while simultaneously churning out such vile racism themselves, is almost funny.

In fact, from the Jewish perspective it is funny. Centuries of persecution have forced Jews to learn to respond to anti-Semitism with a distinctive brand of gallows humour. Berlin, 1935. Question: “Rabbi, Rabbi, why are you reading Der Stürmer, the Nazi propaganda newspaper?” Answer: “When I read the Jewish press, I just get depressed at our plight. But when I read Der Stürmer, and discover that we control the banks and are taking over the world, I feel a whole lot better.”

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