The Civil War of 2016: U.S. military officers are told to plan to fight Americans

Posted by on Aug 11, 2012 at 10:44 am

Imagine Tea Party extremists seizing control of a South Carolina town and the Army being sent in to crush the rebellion. This farcical vision is now part of the discussion in professional military circles.

At issue is an article in the respected Small Wars Journal titled “Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A ‘Vision’ of the Future.” It was written by retired Army Col. Kevin Benson of the Army’s University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., and Jennifer Weber, a Civil War expert at the University of Kansas. It posits an “extremist militia motivated by the goals of the ‘tea party’ movement” seizing control of Darlington, S.C., in 2016, “occupying City Hall, disbanding the city council and placing the mayor under house arrest.” The rebels set up checkpoints on Interstate 95 and Interstate 20 looking for illegal aliens. It’s a cartoonish and needlessly provocative scenario.

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2 Responses to “The Civil War of 2016: U.S. military officers are told to plan to fight Americans”

  1. Catseye on 12/12/12 at 3:46 pm

    Not just cartoonish but also braindead stupid. Their preparations might work against a Middle Ages Style peasant uprising and it might help against ’60’s style Urban riots. The Tea Party is a nationwide movement they decide they want to take out the Government they probably will. In fact the scenario described would be a diversion to get troops away from Washington. oh, and the fun part by the time the militray gets there they’d be gone.

  2. Timothy A. Jumonville on 13/13/12 at 3:42 pm

    I have given some thought to this… How can we have a civil war when one side – the fanatical side, to boot – has nukes?

    “Oh you don’t like my policies and want to fight about it?” *pushes button* “Oops, there goes Denver. Any more complaints?”

    I have discussed this with my boss, a former Navy man. He says the military will not do it. I hope that’s right.