Texas Democrat Comes Out as “Pansexual”

Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 at 8:57 am

And here I though bi-sexual covered it. But now we have a new term: Pansexual.


After winning her Democratic primary in May, Mary Gonzalez made international headlines as “Texas’ first openly lesbian representative.”

With no Republican candidate on the ballot in her El Paso district, Gonzalez is set to storm Austin in January.

But Gonzalez is not really a lesbian.

In an exclusive interview with Dallas Voice this week, Gonzalez said she identifies as “pansexual,” an orientation many would call bisexual, except pansexuals don’t believe in a gender binary and can be attracted to all gender identities. Gonzalez said she doesn’t believe in a gender binary because “gender identity isn’t the defining part of my attraction.”

After coming out as bisexual at 21, Gonzalez said a few years later she started dating “gender-queer” and transgender people, and later identified as pan.

“As I started to recognize the gender spectrum and dated along the gender spectrum, I was searching for words that connected to that reality, for words that embraced the spectrum,” she said. “At the time I didn’t feel as if the term bisexual was encompassing of a gender spectrum that I was dating and attracted to.”

Is it just me or is she really overthinking all this? Just bang whoever you want and move on.

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3 Responses to “Texas Democrat Comes Out as “Pansexual””

  1. Toejam on 15/15/12 at 10:46 am

    “Liberals are obsessed with their genetalia and poop.”

    According to many psychiatrists the obsession with genetalia & poop are common in infantile behavior development.