Team Obama Now Using Reverend Wright as Fundraising Tool

Posted by on May 18, 2012 at 10:01 am

Geez, these people are shameless. After freaking out over the possibility that Obama’s radical reverend would be used in attack ads, these hypocrites are now using Jeremiah Wright to raise money.

President Obama’s campaign team launched a fundraising appeal Thursday night after the revelation that a billionaire conservative donor had commissioned a proposal to attack the president’s ties to controversial former pastor Jeremiah Wright.

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina says in an e-mail to supporters the proposal “shows in vivid and gruesome detail what the President and all of us are up against.”

“The proposal laments that voters ‘still aren’t ready to hate this president’ but lays out a plan to portray him as ‘slick’ and ‘cocky’ — and notes that they need to hire an ‘extremely literate conservative African-American’ to insulate against charges of racism,” Messina continues. “It says the President ran as a ‘metrosexual, black Abe Lincoln’ and includes plans to spend millions on inflammatory TV ads using everything from Rev. Jeremiah Wright to images of the September 11th attacks to show the truth about Obama’s alleged secret plan to destroy America.”

What the hell is he talking about?

The e-mail goes on to ask supporters to donate to the campaign, and directs recipients to a fundraising website bemoaning “slimy attack ads.”

So using Wright is off limits for Republicans, but these clowns are allowed to use him to make money? Just watch, nobody from the Romney campaign will ever mention Wright again, but Obama’s thugs will keep mentioning him. When you have no record to run on, the use of shiny objects will be prevalent.

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3 Responses to “Team Obama Now Using Reverend Wright as Fundraising Tool”

  1. J.J. Sefton on 18/18/12 at 11:10 am

    Romney uses a scorched earth policy to destroy rival Republicans and conservatives. But SCOAMF must not be harmed?

    I knew this would happen. I hope the Super Pacs ignore the establishment and fire away at will.


  2. Alec Leamas on 18/18/12 at 12:46 pm

    “I knew this would happen. I hope the Super Pacs ignore the establishment and fire away at will.”

    That’s the neat thing about super pacs. The Candidate can disavow them and they can still do whatever they want.