Tale of Two Stump Speeches

Posted by on Aug 12, 2012 at 9:41 pm

A dreary, lifeless crowd greets the failed president, who’s still relying on his Teleprompter.

Contrast that dreariness with scenes of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan being greeted by wildly enthusisatic crowds. And speaking without Teleprompters.

Obama might remember seeing crowds like this. But he won’t be seeing them this year.


This is what 2012 looks like.

Then in the highlight of the raucous Waukesha speech Romney took the time out to destroy an heckler. Well played, Mitt.

One Response to “Tale of Two Stump Speeches”

  1. Milwaukee on 13/13/12 at 12:20 am

    Yes, Mr. President Obama, Mr. Ryan did put some proposals which passed the Republican controlled House. Which the Democrats refused to even vote down in the Senate. The United States has been over 1200 days without a budget. So how you gonna balance a thing you haven’t passed? How you gonna cut that deficit? As President Reagan would say, at least when a drunken sailor spends money, it’s his own money. You spend money like a trust fund princess with her daddy’s credit cards.

    What color is the sky in la-la land? You obviously spend time there.