Suspect in Libya Terror Attack Laughs at Obama: “Using the Consulate Attack Just to Gather Votes for Their Elections”

Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 at 9:06 am

Obama pretends he’s doing all he can to find the folks responsible for the terror attack in Benghazi, so why can the New York Times find him, but nobody else can?

Witnesses and the authorities have called Ahmed Abu Khattala one of the ringleaders of the Sept. 11 attack on the American diplomatic mission here. But just days after President Obama reasserted his vow to bring those responsible to justice, Mr. Abu Khattala spent two leisurely hours on Thursday evening at a crowded luxury hotel, sipping a strawberry frappe on a patio and scoffing at the threats coming from the American and Libyan governments.

Libya’s fledgling national army is a “national chicken,” Mr. Abu Khattala said, using an Arabic rhyme. Asked who should take responsibility for apprehending the mission’s attackers, he smirked at the idea that the weak Libyan government could possibly do it. And he accused the leaders of the United States of “playing with the emotions of the American people” and “using the consulate attack just to gather votes for their elections.”

Mr. Abu Khattala’s defiance — no authority has even questioned him about the attack, he said, and he has no plans to go into hiding — offered insight into the shadowy landscape of the self-formed militias that have come to constitute the only source of social order in Libya since the fall of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi.

A few, like the militia group Ansar al-Shariah that is linked to Mr. Abu Khattala and that officials in Washington and Tripoli agree was behind the attack, have embraced an extremist ideology hostile to the West and nursed ambitions to extend it over Libya. But also troubling to the United States is the evident tolerance shown by other militias allied with the government, which have so far declined to take any action against suspects in the Benghazi attack.

Although Mr. Abu Khattala said he was not a member of Al Qaeda, he declared he would be proud to be associated with Al Qaeda’s puritanical zeal for Islamic law. And he said that the United States had its own foreign policy to blame for the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. “Why is the United States always trying to impose its ideology on everyone else?” he asked. “Why is it always trying to use force to implement its agendas?”

Oddly enough, it sounds like this cat is angling for a role in the Obama administration.

Mr. Abu Khattala, 41, wearing a red fez and sandals, added his own spin. Contradicting the accounts of many witnesses and the most recent account of the Obama administration, he contended that the attack had grown out of a peaceful protest against a video made in the United States that mocked the Prophet Muhammad and Islam.

He also said that guards inside the compound — Libyan or American, he was not sure — had shot first at the demonstrators, provoking them. And he asserted, without providing evidence, that the attackers had found weapons, including explosives and guns mounted with silencers, inside the American compound.

Blame America first. How eerily familiar. Meanwhile, the Times has added a very important correction to their original reporting:

An earlier version of this article described incorrectly a beverage that Ahmed Abu Khattala was drinking at a hotel in Benghazi, Libya. It was a strawberry frappe, not mango juice, which is what he had ordered.

Thanks for clearing that up.


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6 Responses to “Suspect in Libya Terror Attack Laughs at Obama: “Using the Consulate Attack Just to Gather Votes for Their Elections””

  1. beasn on 19/19/12 at 10:43 am

    ‘Imposing our ideology on others’ in their minds is not submitting. They impose theirs through terror and that’s okay.

    Got it.

  2. EsausMessage on 19/19/12 at 11:56 am

    The New York Times editors know enough Arabic to know that the word for “army” rhymes with the word for “chicken.” But they seem not to understand that “abu” is the honorific meaning “father of.” They keep referring to him as “Mr. Abu Kattala,” as if abu were part of his name. Let’s translate his name, as the NYT renders it, “Mr. Father of Kattala.” Pedantic dopes.

  3. Blue Hen on 19/19/12 at 12:10 pm

    I’m getting this weird feeling that this clown is not unlike Indian accounts gathered about the Battle of the Little Big Horn. It’s a mixture of bullshit and bravado. Add in an eyewitness/participant account of urban rioting (the embassy guards fired first, the video DID somehow inspire a sponatneous mortar barrage).


    Alan Rickmans’ character in the first Die Hard movie. He rattled off a list of “terrorist” demands that was mostly bullshit, while they were busy committing theft on a grand scale.

  4. Wen on 29/29/12 at 8:05 am

    Anyone else find it odd that this guy is putting out the exact same false excuse for the attack as the Obama administration has that has been Proven to be False?

    Ahmed Abu Khattala:

    “he contended that the attack had grown out of a peaceful protest against a video made in the United States that mocked the Prophet Muhammad and Islam”

    “Let the future not belong to those who mock the Prophet Muhammad and Islam” …?

    Soooo – terrorists say-go kill them? And Obama says- Stand Down! Meaning -Let them die????

    SOOOO is this creep Obama’s source who supplied him with that lie to sell while they murdered our people > the On The Spot Witnesses to the guns/weapons running through Libya ( & to Syria + I’d bet) the Obama admin. has been secretly doing behind the scenes? Imagine the story Ambassador Stevens would have to tell us of the Obama admin’s activities over there in Libya & the Mid-East had he Lived to tell it… Kind of like the remaining members of Seal Team Six of the “UBL Killing”, you know “all of them” loaded up in one Helli-port that exploded at liftoff killing the 22 members of That Team after that raid & kill… We’ll never hear their stories either… I don’t like those kinds of coincidences …

    Or could’ve been the other way around maybe? Maybe- Obama supplied Him – Them with the excuse to sell to Us…? Considering the first thing Obama And H. Clinton do is start attacking our first amendment rights and Unjustly arrested and locked up the video maker Who Committed No Crime and still sits in jail today and Need To Be SET FREE.That’s not justice for our people, it is an INSULT to them and all our Soldiers who fight and Die for those rights.An insult to All Of Us Americans. It make the Terrorists feel pretty good though huh…

    Who’s This Obama supposed to be supporting & protecting anyways? I thought it was Americans – Us, that appears that’s wrong too…Do We Have A Real A Trojan Horse In Our WH? A Treasonous Traitor? Sure Looks that way from here…..