Stupid: Romney Should Go Visit New Orleans Today or Something

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 at 9:53 am

Good grief, the idiocy of some people is just beyond the pale. First of all, unlike 2005, Louisiana has a competent governor in Bobby Jindal, who isn’t off in a corner wetting himself and crying on television like Kathleen Blanco. Second, in case these boobs haven’t noticed, Isaac will be wreaking havoc for a solid 24 hours or so, making travel into New Orleans pretty much impossible. Further, the same folks urging Romney to go there for a photo op would excoriate him for going there for a photo op. Besides, Obama will be sure to go down and milk it for all it’s worth when the time allows.

But don’t let any of this logic interrupt a serious case of the stupids.

Mitt Romney will be heading here today for his Republican presidential coronation, but he should be making plans to head to the Big Easy.

The potential for a storm disaster in the Gulf Coast also could be a political disaster for Romney if he fails to show up and aid people who could be in Isaac’s path.

No one knows that better than former Gov. William Weld, who in 1995 jetted off to California for political meetings after a deadly tornado ripped through Great Barrington in the Berkshires. That boneheaded decision led to fierce criticism of Weld at home, and he never forgot it.

Now Weld, here in Tampa for the Republican National Convention, is suggesting it might be a good idea for Romney to leave Florida and go to New Orleans if Isaac touches down there as a dangerous hurricane.

Bill, buddy, just go back to the bar and STFU, OK?

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see the candidate go and survey the damage and pay his respects,” Weld said, adding that it’s also President Obama’s job to aid any storm-ravaged residents.

“I think (the Romney campaign) will be sensitive to any political requirements of the weather,” Weld said.

Romney pollster Neil Newhouse said the campaign has no idea how the former Bay State governor’s response to the storm could affect him politically.

“You can’t poll for something like this,” he said.

Of course it would make some sense in the aftermath if Romney visited as a show of support for Jindal and others doing their job. But even then the Obama media would pound him for being an opportunist.

Can we just get through the next three days of the convention without all this silliness?

3 Responses to “Stupid: Romney Should Go Visit New Orleans Today or Something”

  1. Blue Hen on 28/28/12 at 11:17 am

    Gee…. Maybe he should emulate the dear leader and have a few photo ops wandering around on a beach staring at blobs of oil. While elsewhere, reporters are arrested for photographing the clean up. Anyone else remember that?

  2. hutch1200 on 28/28/12 at 12:52 pm

    I luvs how the LEFTIST want to help us win. Wait until SCOAMF shows up for a photo op, then have Romney show up w/a REAL plan. Including getting ppl back to work. Maybe suggesting a CCC (FDR plan) type deal to get the yutes working etc..Let barry spout platitudes 1st. Then outline a reality based fix.