Stunner: Corrupt Democrat Cesspool Expected to Run Out of Money in May

Posted by on Mar 21, 2012 at 8:23 pm

Raise your hands all of you who never saw this coming.

A state review team has determined that a “severe financial emergency” exists in Detroit, meeting the threshold necessary for the state to appoint an emergency manager.

The team voted 9-0 Wednesday during a public meeting in Detroit. Gov. Rick Snyder will determine whether an emergency manager is appointed.

Detroit faces a nearly $200 million deficit and the specter of possible payless paydays. The city is expected to run of money in May.

Before Wednesday’s vote, review team member and former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Conrad Mallett Jr. said the city’s “old way of doing things has got to stop.”

Telling these buffoons to stop is, of course, racist.

Reverend Murray, a former Detroit School Board member, called Gov. Rick Snyder’s appointment of the 10-person financial review team a racist, oppressive attack.

Snyder could simply let Detroit go bankrupt, but that would also be racist. Head he loses, tails he loses.

By the way, whatever happened to all the money from the Obama stash?


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