Stunner: Bathtub Boy On the Outs With Latest Employer

Posted by on Jan 05, 2012 at 8:10 am

One individual said that if Current allows Olbermann to cover the results on his “Countdown” program, peace may return to the network fold.

But for how long? An executive insisted that Olbermann decided to sit out the Iowa caucus. The anchor wanted to do his own Countdown telecast, and not be part of a larger team effort.

An internal memo written by Current President David Bohrman claiming Olbermann chose not to appear leaked, and Olbermann responded by blaming the executives, saying the conditions were not “acceptable.”

But the real problems had been growing for months, even as the network has seen only minor growth with Olbermann.

Olbermann joined the network in February as the Chief News Officer, but several individuals said that it only took a few months for him to become dissatisfied with his new home.

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