Democrats Nervous Over Oregon Special Election?

Posted by on Jan 20, 2012 at 5:50 pm
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The race to replace the disgraced Democrat buffoon David Wu is scheduled to conclude January 31 and is an all mail-in ballot election. The Democrat, Suzanne Bonamici,  has an enormous financial advantage thanks to massive resources from the DCCC along with the requisite union money pouring in.

It’s an expensive race that has attracted national attention. Bonamici has raised about $654,000 and and Cornilles $556,000, according to the most recent Federal Election Commission reports. However, political action committees have steered $1.2 million toward Bonamici and about $80,000 to Cornilles for advertising campaigns.

So there’s a disparity of more that $1.1 million facing the Republican nominee in a longtime Democrat district.

It was just this week when the Republicans sent some money to Cornilles, facing an uphill struggle in a district won by Obama by 25 points in 2008, so clearly there’s  fear anything short of a huge victory would dampen the Democrat pipe dream of retaking the Congress.

Enter our old friend, the aptly named Robby Mook from the DCCC. When we last heard from this turd, he graciously offered some of that renowned civility the Democrats are famous for.

We’re running neck and neck with the Tea Party Republicans’ fundraising totals for 2011. Their primary candidates have been strutting around puffed up like peacocks claiming they’ve got the momentum to defeat President Obama and control Congress next year.

Let’s prove them wrong tomorrow. Let’s show these foaming-at-the-mouth, 1%-loving wing-nuts that grassroots Democrats are fired up and ready to go.

So consider now after a paltry sum received from the NRCC, this is the reaction we get in a DCCC fundraising request.

BREAKING: Tea Party candidate Rob Cornilles just took thousands of dollars from the Koch Brothers’ business PAC — “KOCHPAC” — in the Oregon Special Election.

We knew it would come to this. Voters in Oregon’s vote by mail only election have already started to receive ballots and sure enough Washington Republicans have swooped in with a television ad buy distorting Democrat Suzanne Bonamici’s record with half-truths, mistruths and lies.

Now we’ve learned her Republican opponent Rob Cornilles has received thousands of dollars from the billionaire Koch Brothers’ business PAC. This Oregon special election race is in its final throes and we need to have Suzanne’s back.

Be part of our people-powered movement and fight back. Help us raise $30,000 for Suzanne by Monday’s media buy deadline for her immediate rapid response operation.

A generous contribution to Suzanne will be put to work immediately to secure a Democratic victory in this district. A gift of even just $5 would go a long way, but gifts at the $25, or $50 level or even a $100 or more level are urgently needed now.

Don’t let Washington Republicans get the last word.

Onward to victory,


Robby Mook
DCCC Executive Director

Oh noes! The Koch Brothers! Hide the children!

As to the claim Cornilles is a “Tea Party candidate,” well, that’s also bogus.

Then again, any Republican running anywhere is going to have “Tea Party” affixed to his or her name, and the evil Koch Brothers will be the bogeymen behind the scenes.

Isn’t this playbook getting a little stale, you mooks?

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2 Responses to “Democrats Nervous Over Oregon Special Election?”

  1. Mashiki on 20/20/12 at 11:11 pm

    I’m surprised they haven’t trotted out the race card, racism, and class warfare all at once. Methinks they’re running scared.

  2. Blue Hen on 23/23/12 at 3:46 pm

    I don’t understand why the guy in the picture isn’t running for re-election. We as a nation should welcome people of all stripes to participate.