Son of NYC Police Commissioner and Fox5 Host Greg Kelly Accused of Rape

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Well, this surely is some major tabloid fodder considering who’s involved. The son of the most recognizable  police commissioner in the country who also happens to work for Fox. No doubt the tolerant left will avoid pointing the finger of guilt toward Greg Kelly. Let’s just say we’re a bit dubious about the story of a woman who meets a high-profile guy for cocktails and winds up back in her office. Oh, and she’s got a boyfriend. Then she comes forward months later to make an accusation.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s newsman son, Greg, is being investigated for allegedly raping a woman, law-enforcement sources told The Post early today.

The woman filed an official complaint Tuesday against the younger Kelly, claiming the co-host of Fox 5’s “Good Day New York” attacked her last October, the sources said.

The allegation is being investigated by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office because of the inherent conflict of interest in an NYPD probe, according to the sources.

Greg Kelly’s lawyer, Andrew Lankler, said his client “strenuously denied” the allegation.

“Mr. Kelly is aware that the New York County District Attorney’s Office is conducting an investigation,” Lankler told The Post.

“Mr. Kelly strenuously denies any wrongdoing of any kind, and is cooperating fully with the district attorney’s investigation. We know the district attorney’s investigation will prove Mr. Kelly’s innocence.”

A police spokesman referred all questions to the Manhattan DA. A spokeswoman for DA Cyrus Vance Jr. declined comment.

The woman, in her late 20s or early 30s, went to the 13th Precinct station house with her sister sometime after 8 p.m. Tuesday to file the complaint, sources said.

She told police she met Greg Kelly, 43, on a street Oct. 8 and they went for drinks at the South Street Seaport, the sources said.

Then, she claimed, they went to the lower Manhattan law firm where she works — it was not clear if she’s a lawyer— and the alleged assault took place there.

Greg Kelly and the woman continued to communicate after the alleged incident, according to the sources.

She told police her boyfriend got furious when she related her story to him, and he approached the police commissioner at a public event.

He could be entirely innocent, or possibly guilty of something here. She stays anonymous and his face will be in the front pages of all the newspapers.
This story claims the woman has been an emotional cripple since the alleged incident. Which is even more reason she should have come forward after the incident occurred.
If he’s found guilty, then throw the book at him. If he’s innocent, where does he go to get his reputation back?

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