Soldier Allegedly Kills 16 Afghans – Media Vow Revenge

Posted by on Mar 12, 2012 at 9:50 am

Listen to the tone of Ann Curry’s questions  after Rick Santrorum questions Obama’s strategy in Afghanistan.

She throws out a reference to the comments made by former General Barry McCaffrey who basically says throw in the towel and does his part to further inflame the Islamic radicals.

Barry starts off by saying poor Afghanistan. Poor my ass. The reason we have been in the country for so long to begin with is because we can’t keep them from killing each other. We are sacrificing life and limb in their God-forsaken wasteland in an attempt to protect their women and to build an infrastructure that will connect the country. We build, they blow up. We open a school, they throw acid in the faces of any women who dare attend. We try to avoid civilian casualties in our operations, they are recruiting children to be suicide bombers.

McCaffrey calls the soldier a sociopath, and puts forth the theory that the guy was giving off signals. Really? You have no proof of any such thing. He continually refers to the latent sociopath hidden within soldiers. He gets all the liberal talking points in there and reminds the viewers of other incidents just in case they forgot. Barry then goes on to tell the Taliban the various difficulties the allies are having in Afghanistan in regards to logistics and support. It is almost as if he is saying, c’mon guys, there is no way we should be winning this thing. Now get off your asses and go kick some American butt.

I am in no way trying to defend the actions of the soldier who allegedly carried out this act. What I am questioning and asking is just which side is our media on. If their intent is to further inflame the Taliban, well con,gratulations, you have given them plenty of motivation. From McCaffrey accusing Karzai of being corrupt and crooked, which is nothing anybody doubts, it’s just that when dealing a situation like this where you are going to need his help to try to temper the outrage. Calling him a crook and a thief ain’t going to win you any friends.

Ann Curry so wanted to get a gotcha moment with Santorum by getting him to say he agreed with Obama and failing that moved on the next anti war talking point of get out now. This sentiment resonates right now in America after a decade at war,  and while it is something to examine it is not something to telegraph to your enemy.

In the end it matters not if we leave today or two years from now, the Taliban will once again trumpet their ability to cripple the world’s superpowers. Above everything else, the Taliban are survivors, I will give them that, but the cost is to continue living a 9th century existence.


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