So Who Looked More Presidential Last Night?

Posted by on Apr 25, 2012 at 1:03 pm

The RNC has a nice contrast of Mitt Romney’s speech last night (conveniently ignored by the Obama networks) that’s mixed with the pathetic performance by the White House man-child on with Jimmy Fallon. It’s no wonder Obama wants to show up on every show that will have him and pop up on seemingly every televised sporting event. He wants to come off as likable and hip and have you ignore his disastrous term in office, which Romney nicely sums up.

Of course the slobbering media Obamatons see nothing wrong with the President of the United States lowering the office to such demeaning levels. Then again, after three-plus years of this nonsense it’s old hat by now. They’re dazzled by his self-deprecating sense of humor, while ignoring his often narcissistic and petulant behavior.

Thanks to Slublog for the video link.

Update: Rush Limbaugh had the same idea and did a mashup of Romney and Obama.

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