So Ronery: Kim Jong-Il Lookalike Can’t Get a Date

Posted by on Mar 12, 2012 at 9:44 am

You would think the guy’s a babe magnet considering he resembles Dear Leader. We saw the women weeping openly after Kim Jong-Il assumed room temperature.  This dude could help console the heartbroken ladies of North Korea.

Looking for love is no easy task, but if can be made even more tricky if potential dates are put off because you are a dead ringer for a North Korean tyrant.

William Cheong, believes he is still single at the age of 43, because he looks like former leader Kim Jong-il.

Known to his friends as KT, the hotel worker hoped that when his doppelganger died last December he might stand more of a chance with the ladies, but he is still looking for love.

The same height as Kim Jong-il – just 5ft 4ins – Mr Cheong said the ‘only bonus’ of looking like the dictator is that he has forged a sideline in being a look-a-like.

Mr Cheong, of Acton, West London, said: ‘I’m single and have no children and I would love to meet someone, but looking like Kim Jong-il doesn’t help, as you can imagine.

‘It’s great for my sideline as an actor, but not very good for my love life.’

A friends of Mr Cheong, said: ‘William is a lovely guy who has a great job supervising a hotel and a lovely house – all he needs is someone to share his life.

‘His only problem is that he sometimes gets mistaken for Kim Jong-il and that is not exactly a magnet for the ladies.

‘He hoped that when Kim Jong-il died he would get a bit more luck, but it’s still the same old thing – he really is quite lonely.’

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