Slobbering Chicago Tribune Reporter Gushes Over Obama

Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 at 3:01 pm

She’s not a reporter, she’s a lovestruck stenographer.

A reporter for the Chicago Tribune congratulated President Obama on winning reelection during a press conference Wednesday at the White House.

Obama called on Christi Parsons, the White House reporter for the Chicago Tribune.

“Thank you, Mr. President,” Parsons said. “And congratulations, by the way.”

Obama then noted Christie was there “when I was running for state Senate.”

“That’s right, I was,” Parsons replied, adding that she had “never seen you lose. I wasn’t there that one time.”

Surely she was somewhere privately weeping. What he should have done is thanked his adoring, slobbering media for getting him re-elected.

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