Shared Sacrifice: Obama’s Ridiculous Budget Calls for Pay Raises for Federal Employees

Posted by on Feb 14, 2012 at 12:29 pm

Tax increases on the producers, no money for charter schools, crushing cuts to the military and of course, more money for the fat-assed slackers on the government payroll. Paid for by us, naturally.

It’s the Obama way.

President Obama wants to give raises to people collecting federal paychecks, but in his new budget proposal, troops would get a larger pay boost than civilian employees.

The White House budget plan released Monday would increase federal civilian pay by a modest 0.5 percent, a bump that would end a two-year cost-of-living pay freeze. Uniformed military personnel would receive a 1.7 percent raise in 2013, the increase indicated by law, according to the proposal.

Those in the military are making far less than your average government drone, so I have no qualms with them getting any more. The problem is there’s no cutting of federal employees, and surely with us drowning in debt there are plenty of superfluous jobs that can be eliminated.

The budget proposal also projects that federal employment levels will remain essentially flat in fiscal 2013, growing by 0.1 percent, or 2,400 employees, to 2.1 million from the 2012 estimated level. That figure is not a head count but rather a measure of work-year equivalents that includes part-time and seasonal workers. It does not include postal employees.

2 Responses to “Shared Sacrifice: Obama’s Ridiculous Budget Calls for Pay Raises for Federal Employees”

  1. Frank on 14/14/12 at 1:48 pm

    A 0.5% pay increase coupled with a 5+% increase in the cost of insurance plus a 4.0% increase in the employee share of retirement costs is not much of a pay increase. I suspect my take home will be substantially less next year. I’m not complaining. I’ve still got a job. It never fails to amuse though, that when times are good, you can’t get qualified people to take a government job. When times are bad, well, it’s time to lynch the deadbeats. I’m a proud conservative who has voted Republican since before you could control your own excreta. I perform a valuable public service and I could, in fact, make a lot more money in the private sector (yes, even in this economy). So forgive me for not being horrified at the fact that a budget (that we all know isn’t even going to be passed, btw) has a provision for a 0.5% pay increase for the non-miltary work force. And if it does get passed by some miracle, forgive me all to hell and back.

  2. Mikey on 15/15/12 at 2:08 pm

    Ditto on what Frank said. Yo, Jammie – painting us all with the same brush is in keeping with all the demagogueing D-bags of both screwed up parties. Is there dead weight in the Federal work force? You bet your diet-wine-spritzer-drinking butt there is. But what does that have to do with the 80-90% of us who work for a living? As Frank says, we’ll take an effective pay cut next year and the 1/2% pay raise is nothing but a stunt to appease the union scum who purport to represent us. By the way, I’m on my lunch break (finally) because I’ve got alot to do to get ready for my trip to Afghanistan next week. Don’t worry – I’ll try to keep my slacking fat ass out of the line of fire. Wanna come, tough guy?