Sen. Heinz Kerry: Lugar’s Loss a ‘Tragedy’

Posted by on May 09, 2012 at 9:26 am

Clearly the voters of Indiana did the right thing Tuesday night. When you have Democrats tripping over themselves to laud a Republican it’s quite obvious why primary voters viewed Richard Lugar suspiciously.

This is a tragedy for the Senate and the loss is particularly felt by all of us who have been privileged to serve with Dick on the Foreign Relations Committee. It’s a blow to the institution during a period when the institution itself has been strained. Whether he was serving as Chairman or Ranking Member of our Committee, wielding the gavel or working the floor, Dick’s approach to governing was always the same: he wanted to find serious answers to some of foreign policy’s most vexing questions. He’s a class act and a gentleman and in a Senate that has seen so much change and transition these last years, his expertise on complicated issues honed over 36 years simply can’t be replicated. I know, however, that Dick Lugar will finish out his sixth term in the Senate with the same determination and effectiveness that has marked every year of his service here, and he will have many more contributions still to an institution he reveres and that reveres him.

A tragedy? Really? If the man went down in a plane crash, that would be a tragedy. Sen. Heinz Kerry, this is called democracy. A shame you can’t respect it.

You know what Democrats should consider a tragedy? The fact their president could only register 60% against an inmate in West Virginia.

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