Sandra Fluke Now Sending Out DCCC Emails

Posted by on Sep 07, 2012 at 2:48 pm

More than a bit self-serving. She footnotes a story involving herself, then also uses those reliable mainstream sources Mother Jones and Think Progress in her pitch.

Well, she at least is used to whoring herself out by now.

On Wednesday night, I spoke on the floor at the Democratic Convention about what a Romney-Ryan America would mean for women.

An America in which access to birth control is controlled by people who will never use it.1 In which politicians redefine rape so survivors are victimized all over again.2 In which someone decides which victims of domestic violence deserve help, and which don’t.3

And six months from now, we could all be living in that America.

But we’ve also seen another future we could choose. An America in which our President — when he hears a young woman has been verbally attacked — thinks of his daughters. Not his delegates or donors.

We talk often about choice. Now, it’s up to all of us to make the choice to support our President with a Democratic majority.

Will you add your name to say that you’re standing with President Obama?

Thank you,

Sandra Fluke

1. “Rep. Darrell Issa Bars Minority Witness, a Woman, on Contraception,” ABC News, February 16, 2012
2. “The House GOP’s Plan to Redefine Rape,” Mother Jones, January 28, 2011
3. “House Republicans Want To Strip LGBT, Immigrant and Native American Protections From Violence Against Women Act,” Think Progress, May 3, 2012

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3 Responses to “Sandra Fluke Now Sending Out DCCC Emails”

  1. Chipperoo on 7/07/12 at 3:37 pm

    This woman is well and truly a Tool, with a capital T. She didn’t write the words of her convention speech, but she practiced and delivered it (rather woodenly, I’d say). She didn’t write the email, but she ascribed her name to it. She knows full well that no one is denying her or anyone else birth control. She cannot possible believe there is no distinction between forcible and statutory rape. But she repeat these lies over and over. She claims the mantle of feminism and equality, but she’ll happy play the damsel in distress. (“Mr. Limbaugh, how dare you?!? Mr. Issa is a cad. Save me, Obama!!”) She willingly allows herself to be used by the Left-Lib-Prog-Dems in advancing their idiotic “War on Women” campaign. To what purpose? For what benefit? Rush was right, she is a slut.

  2. qzy on 8/08/12 at 1:36 pm

    If you want to believe Sandra Fluke’s story that she can’t afford birth control, you MUST also believe some variation of THIS conversation happened.

    Sandra Fluke: “Hey, I was just thinking….How about we make love tonight? Will you pick up some condoms on the way home?”

    Sandra Fluke’s Boyfriend: “I’d rather not.”