Sad: President Who Cut $700 Billion From Medicare Attacks Paul Ryan Over Medicare

Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 at 7:01 am

When you’re desperate you’ll just continue to make things up. It doesn’t matter if Mitt Romney nominated Paul Ryan or Captain Kangaroo as his running mate, the Obama thugs already have their script and a group of what we presume to be actors ready to read it.

This clip is dated Saturday, but knowing this duplicitous crew it was filmed before Ryan was even announced.

An unquestioning Politico “reports” this so-called news. You would think a media that was repeatedly lied to last week by this crew would be a little more skeptical.

The man-on-the-street style video in Florida hits what will surely be a dominant line of attack in the coming months: accusing Romney and Ryan of wanting to end Medicare to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy.

“As highlighted in the video, seniors in Florida know they can’t afford the cuts to Medicare as proposed in the Romney-Romney budget,” the Obama campaign said in a statement. “In fact, their extreme budget turns it into a voucher program that would increase seniors’ health costs by $6,350 a year.”

Extreme extreme  extreme extreme  extreme extreme  extreme extreme  extreme extreme  extreme extreme  extreme extreme  extreme.

In case you haven’t caught on, Paul Ryan is extreme or something.

Here’s the clip. I wonder how many of these people will be exposed like Joe Soptic?

In case you also miss the subtle message, check out the tags that accompany this piece of agitprop.

So remember, Paul Ryan, who actually has a plan to save Medicare, is the extremist, while the savior of Medicare is the guy who cuts $700 billion from it.

Only in Obamaworld.



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11 Responses to “Sad: President Who Cut $700 Billion From Medicare Attacks Paul Ryan Over Medicare”

  1. Mac on 13/13/12 at 8:40 am

    Obama wouldn’t recognize the truth if it walked up to him and slapped him in the face. His whole life has been a lie, which meant he was the perfect candidate for the Democrat party. They, too, would rather lie than tell the truth even if telling the truth wouldn’t hurt them.

    The sooner we can get rid of him and his horrible wife, the sooner we can start recovering from the last four years of disaster. It wouldn’t be humanly possible for me to hold Obama and the Democrat bunch in greater contempt than I do. They are a truly despicable lot and they have done tremendous harm to our country.

  2. Patrick Rich on 13/13/12 at 9:39 am

    The term “moderate Democrat” has truly become an oxymoron. No one who in any way supports this administration can possibly be a moderate, unless we now are supposed to accept there is something called a moderate liberal fascist, or moderate Marxist, or moderate communist. OK. Point made?

  3. Hoser on 13/13/12 at 10:08 am

    It is typical that seniors would be worried about cuts to Medicare.It is also a fact that many seniors don’t have a clue on what the new Obamacare does for them, just like most everyone else.
    Romney and Ryan need to pound home the 700 billion in cuts that Obama made as well as explaining in detail how their plan will not effect them.Feel free to dwell on Obama’s constant,shady, lying way of doing things.Nobody likes a snake oil salesman.
    Without doing those things it simply gives Obama a clean slate to insert whatever BS he wishes.

    Also I would consistently bring up how Obama’s insurance law costs way more than they said it would when they passed it and how it will create a major strain on the health system due to a shortage of doctors as well as those doctors who will pack up and move on.Point out the numbers, Omabacare was created to give “more people” access to health insurance, 44 million or so of them, divide that between the 50 states and ask a senior how it is possible for whats left of their Medicare to not be affected in a bad way.
    Seniors are no different than anyone else, they need a structured health system at this point in their lives but they don’t want to wait weeks to be seen by a doctor they aren’t familiar with.

  4. Diggs on 13/13/12 at 10:22 am

    Obama’s campaign is in a Catch-22. The only thing Obama has going for him with average Americans is that he seemed likable. They understand he’s a complete failure at pretty much everything he’s done as President, but they still like him as a person. Now that he can’t run on his record, he has to try to make a very successful Mormon businessman look like Satan, and in doing so, he’s going to tarnish that image of a likable guy. There aren’t enough political junkies out there for Obama to successfully pull off the “geez guys, I have no control over this ad that suggests Romney killed this guy’s wife, and the ad really doesn’t do that anyway”.

  5. crypticguise on 13/13/12 at 10:29 am

    What you have to realize is that Obama has been a Marxist ideologue since he was very young. At Occidental College he was a member of a Marxist group and his continuing affirmative action education at Columbia and Harvard solidified his Marxist credentials.

    After graduating from Harvard he has a menial affirmative action job editing a company newsletter that lasted for one year… his one and only real job working for a private company.

    His life after school in Chicago was comfortable mixing with socialists, communists and terrorists like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, his neighbors down the street.

    No need to list all the anti-American, anti-Capitalist buddies and fellow travelers and associates of Obama. Let’s not forget his religious mentor, Jeremiah Wright, the hateful, anti-white, anti semite of the Trinity Black Liberation Theology Church.

    What THEY ALL HAVE IN COMMON – they LIE to protect their IDENTITY AS MARXISTS.

  6. Hoser on 13/13/12 at 10:31 am

    Diggs, sorry to say but those ridiculous ads worked.
    As I tried to point out.Go the honest route, there is honesty in every failure that Obama has touched.
    It needs to be stressed to seniors in Florida that the Obamacare insurance law was not designed with them in mind.Seniors already had a decent structured healthcare system in place as far as the care they are given.Obama took a huge chunk of that away from them to provide “more people” coverage by gun point.There are not enough healthcare professionals to handle an extra 45 million people and give them the same quality of healthcare.
    We would be derelict in our duty as decent people to not point that out over and over and over again.They are seniors, not idiots.

  7. on 13/13/12 at 1:18 pm

    I would have sworn the people in the ad were talking about ObamaCare and his cuts to Medicare until they spoke about Romney/Ryan. Something is just wrong that these people, who seem to be normal human beings, that they do not know the truth about who is doing what to whom.

    Anyone confused should ask their own doctor how each plan will affect their care. O’s plan will shut down doctors or at least ensure they take less Medicare patients. R’s plan doesn’t touch people currently on Medicare or close to Medicare age. And, it allows younger people to actually direct their own medical care dollars for their prospective needs. It ensures there WILL be money to pay for their medical needs instead of forcing all their dollars into Medicare bankruptcy.

    Those 30 to 50 that are starting to think about future health care needs should be jumping up and down that under R’s plan, Congress cannot “borrow” from their medical funds and never pay it back. Their medical funds can actually be invested and EARN for them.

  8. hutch1200 on 13/13/12 at 2:04 pm

    You idiots! That’s what Florida is for. Old people go there to DIE./sarc
    These ppl weren’t gonna vote for anybody but a donk anyway. But don’t worry, they’ll screw the Chads again, and end up voting for Romney anyway. These Gimme Gimme AARP slobs are worried about the middle class? Peshaw. They move there due to no inheritance taxes, but the kids are gonna get slammed for grannys care anyway. And they DO NOT care about the next Generation paying for what they kicked down the road to us.

  9. Donny Brook on 13/13/12 at 3:46 pm

    This schtick of crying “LIAR!!!” while lying is getting a bit old, Jammie. Got anything else?

  10. Senator Blutarsky on 15/15/12 at 4:22 pm

    Paul Ryan’s most critical contribution to the otherwise innumerate debate over entitlements (and the budget more generally) is his implicit introduction of the concept of net present value. A smaller future promise we can afford to actually keep is worth far more than a more extravagant promise that stands a high probability of being broken.

    Shameless self-promotion alert: I explore this idea in greater detail here: