Sad NY Times Debate Spin

Posted by on Oct 04, 2012 at 7:32 am

Well, we found someone who didn’t think Mitt Romney shredded Barack Obama last night. I guess this is just a television analysis sis piece, but it’s quite obvious this person wasn’t watching the same debate the rest of America was (via Andy).

Wary of split screens on CNN and other networks, Mr. Romney managed, despite a dry throat and some rapid blinking, to keep a choirboy smile pasted on his face while Mr. Obama spoke; Mr. Obama was quicker to drop his bonhomie and adopt the look of a long-suffering headmaster enduring the excuses of a bright student he is going to expel.

So that smug, dismissive look, not looking at Romney and doodling while Romney spoke was merely the expression of a suffering headmaster. Um, OK. The rest of the planet saw that as being aloof and petulant.

If anything, these confrontations look more like a dispute in couples therapy: neither partner can really win, but either one could get rattled and blurt out something unforgivable.

That scale-tipping moment didn’t happen.

Oh, really? Tell that to the depressed Chris Matthews.

“Where was Obama tonight? He should watch — well, not just Hardball, Rachel, he should watch you, he should watch the Reverend Al [Sharpton], he should watch Lawrence. He would learn something about this debate. There’s a hot debate going on in this country. You know where it’s been held? Here on this network is where we’re having the debate,” Matthews said.

“We have our knives out,” Matthews said, admitting his network is trying their best to defend Obama and his policies. “We go after the people and the facts. What was he doing tonight? He went in there disarmed.”

“He was like, ‘Oh an hour and half? I think I can get through this thing. And I don’t even look at this guy.’ Whereas Romney — I love the split-screen — staring at Obama, addressing him like prey. He did it just right. ‘I’m coming at an incumbent. I got to beat him. You’ve got to beat the champ and I’m going to beat him tonight. And I don’t care what this guy, the moderator, whatever he thinks he is because I’m going to ignore him,” Matthews said.

“What was Romney doing?” Matthews asked. “He was winning.”

4 Responses to “Sad NY Times Debate Spin”

  1. Blue Hen on 4/04/12 at 9:56 am

    NYT: And in other news, researchers have determined why the NYT clings to Walter Duranty’s pulitzer prize; compared to what they’re doing now, that was their golden era.

  2. MT Geoff on 4/04/12 at 9:57 am

    I think it is John Poedhertz (forgive spelling) who says that Gov Romney had “10,000 factoids and figures” and praised how Gov Romney used them resourcefully. Now that, folks, is the sign of a genuinely intelligent person. Really smart people have their facts ready and can use them as the situation needs them.
    I think a lot of what people think is Pres Obama’s intelligence is good speech memorization. We’ve routinely seen that Pres Obama, in spontaneous situations, has a poor head for facts and fumbles when he has to come up with something quickly. He’s had the occasional off-the-cuff remark that worked but he’s always out of his depth on substance unless he has his situation in his control.
    I will quibble with one piece of Gov Romney’s math. He points out that the oil industry “breaks”, which are just normal deductions, run around $2.8 billion per year and that Pres Obama has but $90 b into green energy failures. Gov Romney adds, “That’s about 50 years worth of breaks.” Actually, it’s only about 30 years worth of breaks.
    Pres Obama expressed exactly – exactly – the “Atlas Shrugged” looters’ mentality when he said that ExxonMobil doesn’t need breaks because they make money every time you fill your tank. I’m just up to “Project X” in the book (Rand’s writing can be slow going) but she’s already made her most important points about the looters — and Pres Obama is a looter.

  3. © Sponge on 4/04/12 at 11:09 am

    So, when does he get vilified for all the violent references Chrissy made? Knifes? Going after people, with knives? Unarmed Obama?

    This is pathetic. Sarah Palin shot Gabby Giffords, but Chris Matthews spews this and it’s fine?

    Stop the world, I want to get off.

  4. M on 4/04/12 at 4:08 pm

    Please, please msm continue to shill for Obama in such an obviously biased manner. When the public dumps Obama in a month, they will dump you, too.