Runners Hammer Clueless Bloomberg for Waiting So Long to Cancel Marathon

Posted by on Nov 03, 2012 at 4:01 pm

After wilting under an avalanche of criticism for imperiously declaring the NYC Marathon would proceed tomorrow morning, now the hapless Michael Bloomberg is coming under  assault from the runners themselves.

Runners reacted with a mixture of rage, relief and regret on Friday, after Mayor Bloomberg pulled the plug on the New York City Marathon.

And just about every runner interviewed ripped Bloomberg for waiting so long after the storm to make his mind up.

“As a former New Yorker, I am shocked it took this long for Mayor Bloomberg to do the right thing,” said 29-year-old Donald Cutler, now of San Francisco. “This is ultimately the right thing to do, but it should have been done on Tuesday.

“I am upset that I don’t get to run, and that I trained so hard for something that isn’t happening,” Cutler added. “However, now isn’t the time to feel sorry for myself.”

Frank Campagna, 42, who has run six NYC Marathons, said the only thing he’s sorry about is that Bloomberg didn’t do it sooner.

“I must admit that I’m seriously annoyed that they waited until Friday to make this decision,” he said. “As a lifelong New Yorker, I thought having it was insensitive and I’m glad the decision as to whether to run or not has been taken out of my hands.”

Steven Wagner, however, was seriously angry at Bloomberg. He had just flown in from Atlanta when he learned the race was off.

“Thinking of suing Bloomberg,” said Wagner, 39. “Or fighting him.”

A lot of New Yorkers would love a crack at him right about now. In the meantime, all the pissed off runners are free to volunteer in recovery efforts.

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  1. Esau's Message on 3/03/12 at 5:43 pm

    They’ll be nothing left of the runt, once the people from Breezy Point, Rockaways, the Village and Staten Island are done with him.