Romney Slams Obama’s Stimulus Boondoggle: “This is the absolute bridge to nowhere if there ever was one”

Posted by on May 18, 2012 at 3:17 pm

Come to think of it, this is a presidency to nowhere.

Keeping his focus on the economy instead of a negative ad blitz, Mitt Romney slammed a Granite State boondoggle funded by President Obama’s stimulus plan in the swing state this afternoon.

“This is the absolute bridge to nowhere if there ever was one,” said Romney of a fenced off 19th century stone bridge that doesn’t allow anyone to cross. “That’s your stimulus dollars at work.”

The bridge, which used to be called Sawyer Bridge, got more than $150,000 from Obama’s stimulus bill. It ends with an 8-foot drop and hasn’t had vehicle traffic since the 1800s.

The presumptive Republican nominee didn’t bring up a recent ad by President Obama slamming him for his work at Bain Capital after facing his own attack ad issues.

What, it’s his job to mention false attack ads against him?

One Response to “Romney Slams Obama’s Stimulus Boondoggle: “This is the absolute bridge to nowhere if there ever was one””

  1. Tired American on 18/18/12 at 10:54 pm

    There are many ironies in life, and you need not look far to find the most ironic among them- the President of the Unites States, Obama. One of the biggest ironies is that he reminds me of another socialist leader who ran his country through personality and total control over the media. The irony was that this man condemned all those with Jewish blood- yet his grandmother was a Jew. He exalted the blond hair, blue eyed of his country- yet he had black hair and brown eyes.

    He expelled God from his land, economically destroyed his country, took total control of the media and came to office with no governmental experience- wait… was I writing of Hitler or Obama here?

    Well, what spawned this rant was a campaign email sent out today, Mother’s Day, by Obama:

    If you’re lucky enough to get to marry your best friend, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Michelle amazes me every day, and in the years we’ve been together, nothing inspires me more than watching her be a mom to our two girls . . . This year, I wanted to try something a little different. I know Michelle treasures every single person who is part of this movement we’ve built, so I’m hoping each of you will sign my card to her today. It’ll mean a lot to her.

    Will you join me in wishing Michelle a happy Mother’s Day?

    What makes this email ironic is that when you go to wish Mrs. Obama a Happy Mother’s Day there’s no place to leave a comment. Better yet, it also hits you up for a donation for Obama’s reelection. In reality, I wish all mothers and those acting as a mother figure a Happy Mother’s Day- including Mrs. Obama.

    However, what irks me about this email is that it typifies Obama’s elitist’s attitude. Instead of writing something sincere to his wife, he just wants money. It would have been nice to cull some of the nicest comments and present them to her on this day. No, instead Obama used it as a means to motivate the masses to give him more money. Is nothing sacred?

    The irony doesn’t end there. While he preaches that the country should tighten their belt and live a more austere life, he owns a million dollar mansion, drives an expensive car and owns the most expensive amenities of life. Why does he need to care how everyone else is doing financially? As president he also gets everything paid for him. His meals, his air travel, his vacation home; all that he wants or needs is on the taxpayer’s tab. Sure the gas prices rise. Why should he do anything when his tank is always full and there’s a chauffeur to take him anywhere at his own whim. Maybe that’s one of the reasons he stands idly by and does nothing as the price of gas crushes the already suffocating economy.

    While most Americans are hesitant to go to Europe because of the weakening dollar (thanks again Obama), he sends his wife to Spain on a half-million dollar trip. And the irony is: we all here in America paid for it. I don’t know about you but I never received a thank you or at least a 49 cent postcard. I’m just saying, it would have been nice. While I was working all day it would have been polite for the first lady to thank me and the rest of the tax payers for her exorbitant trip.

    Another irony is that Obama condemns the rich- yet he is the rich. He wants to stick it to them man- yet he’s the man! Am I the only one paying attention to these things? In 2011 he made almost 2 million dollars- yet he condemns all those American who are wealthy. The irony is: he’s a one percenter. He lives the rich life. He send his kids to private schools, rides on a private jet, has chauffeurs, maids, cooks and has someone clean his home. The irony is that when he leaves the White House this will not all end. Don’t just think it’s because he’s president.

    We should have all known he would be like this. Remember his inauguration? Remember the size and cost of the event? Remember how many were there? Remember the cost of the security alone? The irony was this occurred during our recession. If he really wanted to show an example, he would have made the event small and saved the tax payers some money. But the irony is, he doesn’t care about the tax payers or our money. He prints money quicker than a counterfeiter and spends it to the point of economic collapse.

    Unfortunately, I could go on forever. Hopefully I cannot say the same about Obama’s presidency. The irony is that our president is a self-absorbed egotist who cares only for himself and his own power. There is no love for America, for American history, for all the good America has done, for the soldiers, for the tax payers, for the churches and finally for capitalism itself.